The Ultimate Away Travel Review: Is it Worth Investing in Their Luggage?


Are you tired of lugging around bulky, outdated suitcases that just don’t cut it anymore? Do you dream of traveling in style and efficiency, with luggage designed to keep up with your jet-setting lifestyle? Well, look no further because we have the ultimate solution for you: Away Travel! In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive deep into the world of Away luggage to help you decide if it’s worth investing in. From their sleek designs to their innovative features, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this travel brand sensation. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a journey through the realm of luxury travel gear!

What is Away Travel?

Away Travel is a popular luggage brand that has gained quite a following in recent years. With their sleek and stylish designs, it’s no wonder why travelers are flocking to invest in their products.

But what sets Away apart from other luggage brands? Well, for starters, they prioritize functionality and durability without compromising on aesthetics. Their range of luggage options includes carry-ons, bigger suitcases, and even travel accessories like packing cubes and garment bags.

One standout feature of Away luggage is the built-in battery pack that allows you to charge your devices on the go. No more hunting for outlets at crowded airports or worrying about running out of juice during long layovers!

Another aspect that makes Away Travel worth considering is their commitment to quality materials and craftsmanship. The polycarbonate shells used in their suitcases are not only lightweight but also incredibly strong, ensuring that your belongings stay safe throughout your journey.

In terms of design choices, Away offers various color options to suit different tastes. Whether you prefer classic neutrals or bold statement hues, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re looking for reliable and stylish luggage that can withstand the demands of frequent travel, consider investing in an Away suitcase. It may be a bit pricier than some other brands out there but remember – quality often comes with a higher price tag. Happy travels!

The Different Types of Away Luggage

When it comes to choosing the right luggage for your travels, Away Travel offers a range of options to suit every traveler’s needs. From their classic Carry-On to their larger Checked luggage, there is something for everyone.

The Carry-On is perfect for those who like to travel light and avoid checking in bags. It meets most airline requirements and has a roomy interior with separate compartments for easy organization. The built-in battery also ensures that you never run out of power on the go.

If you need more space, the Bigger Carry-On might be the ideal choice. It provides an additional 1.5 inches of depth compared to the original Carry-On while still fitting most airlines’ size restrictions.

For longer trips or travelers who prefer to check in their luggage, Away offers two sizes of Checked bags – The Medium and The Large. Both provide ample space for all your belongings and are equipped with TSA-approved combination locks for added security.

Away also has special editions like Aluminum Editions which are incredibly durable yet lightweight aluminum shells available in different colors.

With such a variety of options, finding the right Away Luggage for your specific needs is a breeze!

Remember, always choose based on factors such as trip duration, personal preferences, and airline restrictions. Happy traveling.

Pros and Cons of Away Luggage

When it comes to investing in luggage, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. Away Travel offers a range of luggage options that have gained popularity in recent years. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of choosing away luggage.

One of the major benefits of Away Luggage is its durability. The suitcases are made from high-quality materials like polycarbonate, which make them resistant to wear and tear. This means your luggage will last for many trips without showing signs of damage.

Another advantage is the smart design features offered by Away Luggage. From built-in USB chargers to removable laundry bags, their suitcases are thoughtfully designed with travelers’ needs in mind. These features can make your travel experience more convenient and organized.

Away Luggage also offers a lifetime warranty, which is a big plus for those seeking long-term value for their investment. If anything goes wrong with your suitcase due to manufacturing defects or faulty materials, they will repair or replace it free of charge.

However, there are some downsides to consider as well. One common complaint about Away Luggage is its weight when empty. Some users find that the suitcases are heavier compared to other brands on the market, which can eat into your baggage allowance.

Additionally, while the overall quality is praised by many customers, some have reported issues with zippers or handles breaking over time. Though these cases seem isolated based on customer reviews, it’s worth noting that no product is perfect.

In conclusion,

Away Travel offers durable and well-designed luggage options with added convenience features like USB chargers and laundry bags. With a lifetime warranty backing up their products, you can feel confident in investing in this brand. However,it’s essential to consider potential drawbacks such as slightly higher weight compared to other brands and occasional reports of zipper or handle issues. Ultimately,the decision depends on individual preferences but considering all these factors can help you make an informed choice before investing in Away Luggage.

How to Choose the Right Away Luggage for You

Choosing the right luggage can make all the difference when it comes to your travel experience. With so many options available, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and preferences before investing in a piece of luggage from Away Travel.

Think about the size and capacity you require. Are you a light packer or do you like to bring along everything but the kitchen sink? Away offers various sizes ranging from carry-on to large checked bags, allowing you to choose according to your travel style.

Next, consider the features that are important to you. Do you value durability and hard shell protection? Or perhaps lightweight maneuverability is more crucial for navigating crowded airports? Away offers both polycarbonate and aluminum options with different built-in functionalities such as an ejectable battery for charging devices on-the-go.

Additionally, take into account any additional accessories or compartments that may be beneficial for organizing your belongings efficiently. Away offers optional packing cubes and laundry bags that can fit seamlessly into their luggage designs.

Don’t forget about aesthetics! Choose a color or design that reflects your personality and makes traveling more enjoyable for you.

By considering these factors – size, features, organization capabilities, and personal style – you’ll be able to choose the perfect piece of luggage from Away Travel that meets all your requirements while looking stylish at the same time.


After carefully reviewing the different types of Away luggage and considering their pros and cons, it is clear that investing in their products can be a wise decision for travelers. Whether you are a frequent flyer or an occasional adventurer, Away Travel offers luggage options to suit your needs.

With their durable construction, smart features, and sleek design, Away luggage provides both functionality and style. The built-in battery pack is undoubtedly a game-changer for those who rely heavily on technology while on the go. Furthermore, the lifetime warranty ensures peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected.

When choosing the right Away luggage for you, take into consideration factors such as size requirements, travel habits, and personal preferences. The Carry-On and Bigger Carry-On models are ideal for shorter trips or if you prefer to have your belongings within arm’s reach during flights. For longer journeys or those who tend to overpack (we’ve all been there!), the Medium and Large sizes offer ample space without compromising maneuverability.

It’s worth mentioning that while some may find the price tag of Away Travel products slightly higher than other brands on the market, they do provide excellent value for money in terms of quality and longevity. In fact, many customers report using their Away luggage for years without any issues.

So if you’re in need of new travel companions that will withstand countless adventures while keeping you organized and stylish along the way – consider investing in an Away suitcase. With its thoughtful design features, reliable performance, and trendy aesthetics – it’s no wonder why so many globetrotters swear by this brand.

Remember to choose wisely based on your specific needs – whether it’s size requirements or preferred color options – because when it comes to traveling with ease and sophistication; going away with Away Travel just makes sense!